About us:



Offer a wide variety of services and participate in many area 

gun shows.

Strongly support the second amendment and comply with all federal and state laws.  We also support the NRA.

Are lifetime members of the North Carolina Gun Collector’s Association (NCGCA).


~ Sales of new and used firearms

~ Buy, sell, trade of firearms

~ Transfers:  shipping and receiving of firearms*

~ Cleaning, maintenance and inspection of firearms

~ Installation of sites and scopes

~ Gun Repairs

~ Hydrographics Water transfer printing with “Soft Touch” coating

​* We are listed as transfer dealers on most of the popular gun website auctions. If you are on a site that does not list us, please call and we will complete the transfer for you.


NOTE:   To purchase a handgun in North Carolina, you must have either a concealed carry permit OR a purchase permit obtained from your local county’s Sheriff Department.  Long gun purchases require the same as a handgun OR a NICS background check processed by us.  Should you need more information about the laws, please contact us.